The ReUse vs Recycle Debate Continues


I am so glad to see more and more articles about reuse of old structures. Here is another one I came across on Sustainablog that I felt compelled to comment on. I will always advocate for reuse over recycling because it requires less energy and employs more people. See my previous post for more details. […]

Reuse keeps materials out of our landfills, preserves energy, conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also generates more employment opportunities than disposal, or recycling.

I recently came across a great article in Crain’s Cleveland Business by sustainability expert Valerie Molinski, about green building. In it, Ms. Molinski talks about the environmental and economic benefits of retrofitting current buildings versus constructing brand new structures. After 10 years of facilitating deconstruction and reuse in California and educating the public about about […]

Carrie Coffey walks us through a 2,300 sq ft 1920s Spanish style home in Santa Monica, which will be carefully dismantled with the mission of salvaging as many materials as possible for reuse. This 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home was built in 1923 and has been owned by the same family for the past 40 years.

Los Angeles representative, Carrie Coffey walks us through a home in the beautiful Palisades during its deconstruction. By the time this home was dismantled, over 500 items were salvaged for reuse and 21.5 tons of lumber was reclaimed. All of the salvaged items from this home will be donated to local nonprofits for reuse in […]

The good news is donated items are made available to the public for purchase through various ReStore affiliates at a significant discount. You get a great deal and you fund their mission.

OK, I admit it. I’m a Shark Tank watcher. I love watching the entrepreneurial spirit in action and I particularly like the updates they share every week. Recently they provided an update about a company that was featured on an episode I must have missed: The Living Christmas Co. Before I tell you about them, […]

Last month, we came across a very interesting article in the Portland Business Journal featuring Aaron Fairchild and his Seattle based sustainable infill development company, Green Canopy Homes. In the article he discusses the company’s goal to recycle, reuse or repurpose 100 percent of its deconstruction waste. Naturally, this piqued our interest and we couldn’t […]

Frustrations of a Deconstruction Die-Hard


I just came across this article about a 4.2 million dollar home in Marin County being demolished and while I have no problem with them removing the home, it’s extremely frustrating to me the manner in which it’s been done.  With a little planning and a little more time, someone could have benefitted from those […]

The young lady in front of us was wearing a skirt really cleverly made out of men’s neckties. It was so darn cute we had to take a picture of her in it!