Last month, we came across a very interesting article in the Portland Business Journal featuring Aaron Fairchild and his Seattle based sustainable infill development company, Green Canopy Homes. In the article he discusses the company’s goal to recycle, reuse or repurpose 100 percent of its deconstruction waste. Naturally, this piqued our interest and we couldn’t […]

Frustrations of a Deconstruction Die-Hard


I just came across this article about a 4.2 million dollar home in Marin County being demolished and while I have no problem with them removing the home, it’s extremely frustrating to me the manner in which it’s been done.  With a little planning and a little more time, someone could have benefitted from those […]

The young lady in front of us was wearing a skirt really cleverly made out of men’s neckties. It was so darn cute we had to take a picture of her in it!

Unwanted and unloved books are given a second chance with Rebound Books.  Rebound Books is an Australian company that has taken the initiative to keep old books out of the landfill and ReUse them to create “unique stationary in an environmentally way”.  The company also ReUses old record covers and transforms them into new calendars.  Each piece of stationary that […]

Just when you’ve finally learned that you can recycle plastic bags, but not pizza boxes, we’re going to come along and tell you that before you recycle anything you should stop and consider if the item can, or cannot be reused FIRST. You might be confused at this point and ask, “Isn’t recycling and reuse […]

Where Does It Go?


I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while. He works as a project manager for a design and build firm. I asked him how work had been going for him; he was excited to tell me how much work he had been doing lately. He told me about a project he […]

just takes a little elbow grease to turn old furniture into cool new pieces for your home or office. We partner with Habitat for Humanity ReStores throughout California to give new life to tons of materials, like these diamonds in the rough.

Are you considering an alternative to demolition? Careful deconstruction can be a cost effective choice and you need to ask the right questions up front. Armed with this information, you should have what you need to decide whether to carefully deconstruct or bulldoze.

Is Your Home Right for Deconstruction?


Most homes carry salvageable value in their lumber (flooring, walls and roof). Many framed windows can be reused, as can cabinets that have backing (not built in place). Hardwood floors that have not been glued down can often be salvaged. Lighting fixtures are almost always reusable, and it doesn’t end there.

DRN Offices are Furnished with ReUse Love


Like many companies, furnishing this new space would have been a daunting task and very expensive. Fortunately for us, the stars aligned. On behalf of DRN and the other relief and public benefit organizations we support with your donations, THANK YOU!