About Us

Deconstruction & ReUse Network’s Unique Infrastructure

DRN founder Lorenz Schilling doesn’t like go-it-alone business models. Having worked in the deconstruction and reuse industry since 2001, he knows their limitations. In contrast, Lorenz has developed two collaborative networks of like-minded people with a common goal: to greatly expand the practice of reuse.

To understand how Deconstruction & ReUse Network works, visualize a bicycle. Each wheel represents a discrete network essential to DRN’s efforts to salvage building materials and surplus property and distribute it for reuse. The remainder of the bike joins the wheels together, provides the stability, supplies energy, sets the course and propels the bike.

Here’s more about each network:

Deconstruction Network, (our front wheel) is comprised of architects , builders, project managers, facilities managers, deconstruction contractors, sustainability managers and other professionals who advocate for, and provide their clients with, cost effective alternatives to traditional demolition and waste disposal. These efforts keep reusable materials out of landfills.

ReUse Network, (the back wheel) distributes salvaged items and surplus property to a network of local and international non-profit organizations for reuse. Each charitable organization uses the materials differently. To fund its mission, Habitat for Humanity retails the items at a significant discount through its various California ReStores, while Corazón incorporates donated materials directly into their home-building and community projects, and non-profits like San Francisco Unified School District and the Oakland Zoo use the items in their day-to-day operations, thus preserving budget dollars for use in other vital areas.

That’s the DRN “bicycle” – two wheels (networks) working together to complete the DRN Circle of Reuse.

Deconstruction & ReUse Network is passionate about keeping reusable materials from the landfill, while helping others. All of us at DRN are asking you to join us in these efforts. Please consider donation and deconstruction for your next project.