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City of Rockford, Illinois Chooses to Deconstruct & ReUse Old Freight Depot Building

When I read this first article from the Rock River Times in August, I had mixed emotions. It broke my heart to think that this building had be neglected to the point that it had to be razed; I was pleased to learn the City of Rockford was not going to demolish this building, but had chosen to deconstruct it so these wonderful architectural items would be saved.

Built in 1902, this 10,000-square-foot building served as a freight house for the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. (credit: Rock River Times)

After reading this second article, I’m ecstatic to learn that the building is sound and will be REUSED. I applaud the city for having the vision to restore this building to the jewel it must have been in its heyday. The brick and old lumber is so cozy. Even in its current state, can’t you visualize incredible lofts and retail spaces residing in the restored building? I can’t wait to see this building when it’s completed. Way to go Rockford!