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Deconstruction & Reuse Network Advocates ReUse over Recycling at 8th Annual Alt Build Expo

Non-Profit offers Comprehensive Charitable ReUse Solutions for Building Materials & Surplus Salvage in California

Santa Monica, CA – May 6, 2011: Alt Build Expo in Santa Monica is one of the most established Green events in the country and each year it attracts industry professionals, homeowners and experts from all areas of environmental responsibility. At this year’s expo May 6 and 7, 2011, Deconstruction & ReUse Network (DRN) will be highlighting its expanded services, which includes charitable reuse solutions for surplus materials.   DRN now offers the most comprehensive charitable reuse solutions for building materials and surplus salvage in California. Attendees are invited to “Think outside the Roll-off” with DRN in Booth #48.

“Alt Build is just great because the City of Santa Monica and its residents are conscious of their environmental impact and really receptive to learning about new and creative environmental solutions, like the ones DRN and other innovative exhibitors at the expo provide,” says Lorenz Schilling, president and founder of DRN. “We are thrilled to have Corazón with us this year to demonstrate the humanitarian benefits of charitable reuse, in addition to its environmental benefits.”

8th annual expo

DRN is an environmental and social benefit 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting and empowering deconstruction practices and the reuse of quality building materials through collaboration. The organization endeavors to secure continued life for reusable items in order to reduce waste. DRN facilitates charitable reuse of surplus property and building materials through partnerships with IRN – The Recycling Network, Habitat for Humanity affiliates in California, and the housing ministry, Corazón.

Corazón is a bi-national U.S./Mexico non-profit organization with a proven track record at building homes, while strengthening families and emerging communities in Baja California. Corazón works to develop self-sufficient, cohesive and safer neighborhoods through a variety of means. Corazón provides educational scholarships to children, and vocational and essential life-skills training to adults. Representatives from Corazón will be exhibiting with DRN to share photos and videos that demonstrate exactly how building materials donated through DRN have been and can be used to build homes, schools, community centers, and good will in Baja California.

As a non-profit, DRN is committed to educating others about the critical role of reuse in sustainability, therefore they are asking attendees to Alt Build Expo to stop by their booth #48 anytime during the show to record a message for the world with tips to “Think outside the Roll-off!” The video will be featured on DRN’s website and blog, appropriately named Thinking Outside the Roll-off.

About Deconstruction & ReUse Network: 

Deconstruction & ReUse Network is an environmental and social benefit corporation 501(c)(3), whose mission is to promote and empower deconstruction practices and to grow a greater reuse network for quality building materials through partnerships with complimentary operations and organizations. Deconstruction & ReUse Network currently serves Northern and Southern California with partnerships that benefit Habitat for Humanity and Corazon.

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