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Frustrations of a Deconstruction Die-Hard

I just came across this article about a 4.2 million dollar home in Marin County being demolished and while I have no problem with them removing the home, it’s extremely frustrating to me the manner in which it’s been done.  With a little planning and a little more time, someone could have benefitted from those materials.

We have been working with homeowners in California since 2007 to carefully dismantle their existing structures and salvage materials that have been given a second life, in their current condition, through various non-profits.  Typically, we are able to repurpose more than 75% of the materials.

If you are considering a remodel or rebuild, please think about contacting us to find out how much can be salvaged and the options available to you.  It may not cost as much time or money as you might think, in fact it may turn out to be a valuable investment of both.

A school room in Baja constructed of salvaged lumber.
A school room in Baja constructed of salvaged lumber.