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Great Article about Recycling & Reusing Asphalt Roof Shingles

This is a great article about recycling asphalt shingles.

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I love the ideas for reusing the shingles on dog houses and sheds and as a last resort recycling them so they can be used in building roads. If you are considering donating shingles to Habitat for Humanity, please contact your local ReStore to find out if they take them. Many Habitat affiliates do not build homes with used materials. I know this will sound strange, but it will cost them more to do so. Habitat is able to keep costs down by using set floor plans enabling them to buy materials in bulk. If an item you donate is bigger than the item they normally use, it will require plan modifications and anyone who has undergone a remodel knows, change orders cost money. The good news is donated items are made available to the public for purchase through various ReStore affiliates at a significant discount. You get a great deal and you fund their mission.