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Great Example of Creative Reuse: Old Clay Roof Tiles

We could not wait to share this blog about how one organization reused old clay roof tiles in Malaysia. It’s not just that they repurposed great quality materials, but how they then used the tiles themselves to bring better functionality to the new structure. Check it out and let us know what you think!


3 Reasons to Reuse Old Clay Roof Tiles 


Terracotta tiles are the oldest type of material used in building houses even before the time of Christ. These ceramic tiles can last a lifetime if made of high quality and make a good insulator of heat. Thus, it is not surprising to prevent wasting these tiles and instead, make the most out of them in home renovations, which are prone to poor insulation problems, by reusing or recycling them.

An old dilapidated house in Petaling Jaya, Selango, Malaysia was made of so many intact terracotta tiles that it was called Clay Roof House. It was subjected to renovation under DrTan Lm Architect (DTLM), one of Malaysia’s top architectural design firms.

The Clay Roof House faces west, suggesting that it gathers scorching heat from the sun in the mornings and afternoons. This encouraged DTLM to redesign the old house such that its insulation is improved using its own terracotta tiles.

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