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Homeowners in Winters Choose Deconstruction & ReUse over Home Demolition to Benefit Community and Environment

Home’s Building Materials have been Donated for ReUse by Local Non-Profits

Saving plywoodSan Francisco, CA — October 11, 2011: Deconstruction & ReUse Network (DRN), an environmental and humanitarian non-profit, recently assisted Martin & Theresa Mariani, a local Walnut Farmer & Teacher in Winters, California, with the deconstruction of their home for reuse and recycling. Deconstruction is environmentally practical and, in most cases, provides property owners with significant tax deductions.

The Mariani project was a the full deconstruction of three structures: a 4,389 sq ft house, a 680 sq ft garage built in 1983 and a 1920’s era pool house. DRN develops programs for property owners to ensure structures slated for remodel or tear down will be reused and recycled. Most projects are completed in 3 weeks or less.

According to DRN President Lorenz Schilling, “A typical home can yield as much as 85% diversion through reuse and recycling. With traditional home demolition, tons of materials are sent to the local landfill, the majority of which can be reused in their current state in other homes. Deconstruction is a win-win for the environment and the community.”

Ned Forrest, the Architect for the project, contacted DRN to begin the process of identifying and inventorying all reusable (and donation worthy) items in the Mariani’s home. Next, General Contractor Grendahl Construction brought in All Cal Demolition, a deconstruction contractor new to DRN, which carefully dismantled the home and organized all salvageable materials under Tai’s direction.

The salvaged building materials included redwood and steel fencing, lumber, windows, doors, cabinetry, pool equipment and other fixed assets in the structures. After removing sheetrock from the living room, they discovered an entire ceiling of 2” thick tongue and groove knotty pine that was added to the donation. Many of these items were donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore Sacramento to be reused in the community and to fund more affordable housing.

DRN is an environmental and social benefit 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting and empowering deconstruction practices and the reuse of quality building materials through collaboration. The organization endeavors to secure continued life for reusable items in order to reduce waste. DRN facilitates charitable reuse of surplus property and building materials through partnerships with IRN – The Recycling Network, Habitat for Humanity affiliates in California, and the housing ministry, Corazón.

About Deconstruction & ReUse Network:
Deconstruction & ReUse Network is an environmental and social benefit corporation 501(c)(3), whose mission is to promote and empower deconstruction practices and to grow a greater reuse network for quality building materials through partnerships with complimentary operations and organizations. Deconstruction & ReUse Network currently serves Northern and Southern California with partnerships that benefit Habitat for Humanity and Corazon.

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