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One Man’s Trash

Posted by Carrie Coffey, Los Angeles Representative

My daughter returned to college for her second year and my son was happy to take over her more photo-12desirable bedroom. Of course, he wasn’t thrilled about the deep purple (AKA Wine Frost) walls. Several coats of paint later I was able to present him with a more palatable aquamarine (AKA Schooner). But, before I could move him in, there were a few touch-ups that I needed to make along the ceiling.



It was my lucky day! The following day was trash pick-up and I had noticed a Cosco stepladder in front of a neighbor’s trashcan. I had suspected that there might be something wrong with it, too good to be true. It looked solid, and aside from a blotch of paint on one step, there were no visible problems. Sure enough, I tested it out and it was sturdy. Sure made the touch-ups easier!


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