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Mountain View Corporation Chooses Salvage Before Demolishing 100,000 sq ft Lab

This project was a complete salvage and liquidation of a lab prior to full demolition. Building is steel studs and beams, metal siding. It was determined that the costs to remove the structure was too exorbitant to make full deconstruction financially viable. In addition, our donor did not want to take a tax deduction on the project – they had owned the building for 6 years and depreciation probably had already been applied. They used the space purely for storage of chairs and furniture, and it served as a place for repair.

As this building was a lab, the donation included lab benches and upper cabinetry both laminate/ply with Epoxy counters and metal cabinetry with stainless steel counter tops. Additional materials included office furnishings, bathroom accessories, stalls, and lockers, kitchen appliances and prep tables, cafeteria serving line, and various lab tables and equipment.

80 Tons of materials were matched with local and international charities’ needs and kept out of the waste stream.

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