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Beverly Hills’ First Green Build Compliant Home

The first home to be fully compliant with Beverly Hill’s new green building ordinance started off on the right foot with a complete deconstruction effort.

This home was built with top of the line fixtures and appliances. From mahogany flooring to multiple Sub-Zero refrigerators, to stunning chandeliers, this home was remarkable. Donated items form this house included the following:

• All interior, exterior and garage doors
• All 4’ x 4’ or smaller windows
• All light fixtures
• All plumbing and bath fixtures
• All modular cabinetry
• All appliances
• All flooring
• All of the bricks
• All of the clay roofing tiles
• A very large steel and canvas cabaña
• Fireplace mantels
• Furnaces and HVAC units

In the end, 200 tons of reusable building materials were offered for reuse at the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles ReStore and weren’t squandered in a landfill.

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