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Santa Monica homeowner chooses deconstruction over demo – helps others & diverts over 100 tons from the waste stream

This project consisted of the complete deconstruction a single family residence, its 4 car garage, and a guest resident. The majority of the home was built in 1917 with an addition incorporated in the 1980’s. An effort was made to seamlessly match fixtures and hardware of addition to those of original area of home.

Materials saved and made available for reuse on this project were:
• All framing lumber over 6’,
• 3,700 sq ft of clay “C” roof tiles
• 4,000 sq ft of wood flooring, 1350 sq ft of bricks
• All 4’x4’ or smaller windows
• All interior, exterior, and garage doors
• All light fixtures
• All bath and plumbing fixtures
• All window coverings
• All modular cabinetry
• The staircase banister
• All appliances
• An exterior wooden gate
• The pool heater

In all, 58 tons of finished materials and 50.7 tons of lumber were redirected from the landfill and made available for reuse.

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