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Proud to be on OC Metro’s Green Team

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was the venue for the OC Metro Green Team 2012 reception last night. We were so honored to be selected one of the 25 green businesses featured in their April issue.
We most enjoyed meeting the other honorees and learning what these various businesses are doing to be green. Did you know that UC Irvine is one of the top 5 green schools in the country as recognized by the Sierra Club or there’s a local foundation that’s buying up acres of the rain forest to preserve it for future generations? We didn’t either.
Sometimes we get lost in our day-to-day workings and forget to step back and look at what others are doing in our area.
Thank you OC Metro for shining a light on all of us. And, the Myer Spruce tree in lieu of a certificate or trophy was a very nice touch!
Check out OC Metro Minute for highlights (and me):