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Rebound Books ReUses Old Books and Recreates New Stationary

Rebounds books1

Unwanted and unloved books are given a second chance with Rebound Books.  Rebound Books is an Australian company that has taken the initiative to keep old books out of the landfill and ReUse them to create “unique stationary in an environmentally way”.  The company also ReUses old record covers and transforms them into new calendars.  Each piece of stationary that Rebound recreates also includes 100% recycled Australian paper.  They try to use every part of the original book, but whatever they can’t use, gets donated to local artists in their community.

Rebound Books has a great online bookshop where they sell their journals, sketchbooks, photo albums, A-Z books, and other stationary items that have all been recreated through ReUse!  Each of their creations is also made by hand and truly unique!  What a fun idea for holiday gift giving!

Rebounds books2