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ReUsing & Repurposing Old Furniture – Our DIY Office Chair Project

Here at DRN we like to practice what we preach. ReUsing or repurposing old furniture is not only fairly easy, it is also a money saver and a great first step to going green!


These chairs are what I have been referring to as my ‘diamonds in the rough’. I found them housed above the kitty litter test area at the former Clorox R&D facility in Pleasanton, and let me tell you they were an absolute mess. They were covered in dust and the wood was really dried out.  First I gave the wood a good dusting. Then I used a product called Howard’s Restor–a–Finish in Dark Walnut. It’s a cool product that I learned about from a painter friend of mine. It’s not a stain. It restores the color to faded woods, blends out scratches and removes white rings.


Next on the to-do list was finding the perfect fabric. I went to my favorite fabric place in Los Angeles F&S Fabrics for Home and found a great fabric. It was there that I met Catherine (her company is Catherine the Great) who does upholstery. She picked the chairs up at the office and returned them a week later looking beautiful.

chair after

I’m really happy with how they turned out after a little love and a good upholstery job! They now have a new home in the lobby area of our Newport Beach office.

It just takes a little elbow grease to turn old furniture into cool new pieces for your home or office. We partner with Habitat for Humanity ReStores throughout California to give new life to tons of materials, like these diamonds in the rough. I would encourage you to visit a ReStore near you to discover what treasures await your creative eye.