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Thinking Green in the Garden

If you’re like so many trying to make your lifestyle a little more sustainable and eco-friendly, don’t just stop with your house, but green your garden too! Backyard vegetable gardens have become quite popular, either as a fun family project or even as a way to save a little on the grocery bill. And with “organic” being one of the most popular words in school, what better way to make sure your veggies are 100% organic than growing them yourself! Whether starting the plants from seeds or picking up some starter plants at your local nursery, not only will you have your own personal farmer’s market outside your window in a few months, but nursing the plants and watching them grow is extremely satisfying.

Some people have even found ways to bring the whole spirit of reuse and recycling into the garden, such as building their own raised garden beds out of reclaimed wood, putting their compost soil to good use as a terrific (and organic!) fertilizer, or just being creative in making fun garden ornaments and labels out of reused materials. Others have gone as far as to make entire greenhouses out of recycled materials. One artist, Fraser Koroluk, constructed a beautiful greenhouse out of salvaged windows, doors, and wood, while others have created smaller structures almost entirely out of used plastic bottles. So this summer, go outside, get creative and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!