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Where Does It Go?

poofI ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while. He works as a project manager for a design and build firm. I asked him how work had been going for him; he was excited to tell me how much work he had been doing lately. He told me about a project he would be managing soon and spoke enthusiastically about the project. Knowing the property he was speaking of I asked, “So, you’ll be tearing a house down to build a new one?” “Yes”, he responded. “Where does all the material go from the house you tear down?” I queried. He paused, as if he had never considered it before, then I could hear the near shame in his voice and he didn’t need to finish his sentence, “I guess I never…”

My friend is not alone. Most homeowners are excited about their new home and are focused on the end result. Building professionals are thinking about the timeline and budgets. The structure that had served as “home” rarely gets a second thought after plans are drawn and contracts are signed for the new house.

I took the opportunity to explain the work I am doing and how we might be able to work together on projects in the future. He realized that Deconstruction was a “no-brainer”. He emailed me within days explaining that he had introduced the concept to his firm and it was well received. Hopefully we can work together to soon and others, like my friend and his firm, will see the benefit of deconstruction and reuse.

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